our products

our products are used by leading NHS and private fertility clinics as well as pharmaceutical companies within toxicology and drug discovery laboratories


a8944f8fa7de847d9b9ffb3a80aaf445.jpgcell culture media

media for the culture of human embryos for IVF and all Assisted Reproduction Techniques - ART

a8944f8fa7de847d9b9ffb3a80aaf445.jpgdiagnostic kits

primarily used for the investigation of male infertility and include a test for anti-sperm antibodies, and sperm vitality tests

 SCA logo.png sperm class analyser CASA

SCA® CASA System allows the accurate, repetitive and automatic assessment of the following sperm parameters: concentrationmotilitymorphologyvitality, and DNA fragmentation.


quality microscopes specified specifically for semen analysis in manual and automated modes

logo.gifcounting chambers

disposable counting chambers mainly for semen analysis but could also be used to accurately assess concentrations of other (cell) suspensions

Halotech_small.jpgdna fragmentaion

products developed by Halotech are based on the SCD (Sperm Chromatin Dispersion) technology