counting chambers

a wide variety of disposable counting chambers mainly developed for semen analysis


Leja disposable counting chambers

Leja offers a wide variety of disposable counting chambers. Our products are mainly developed for semen analysis but could also be used to accurately assess concentrations of other (cell) suspensions. All our products have been specially designed for different needs. Our counting chambers vary in depth from 10 to 100 micron and have 2, 4, or 8 analysis chambers depending on the chamber depth

Leja is the world market leader in disposable semen analysis chambers. For more than 15 years we have continuously carried out research on our slides. Due to a patented manufacturing process, our chamber depth is very constant allowing precise and accurate counting. The chamber height is guaranteed with a certificate of analysis

Use in CASA systems

If you already work with a CASA system, or are considering investing in one, Leja® slides can be used with most CASA systems and are recommended by the majority of CASA manufacturers