diagnostics kits

used for the investigation of male infertility and includes tests for anti-sperm antibodies and sperm vitality and morphology assessment


FertiPro N.V. has been one of the leading manufacturers of diagnostics and cell culture media for use in assisted reproductive techniques and diagnosis of male infertility since 1992

microscopic tests:

  • SpermMar IgA & IgG: detection of anti-sperm antibodies
  • Spermac Stain: Sperm morphology stain
  • LeucoScreen: Differentiation of round cells and white blood cells
  • VitalScreen: Vitality stain (eosin-nigrosin)
  • Hypo-osmotic swelling test: Vitality test
  • Pre Stained Morphology Slides

 photometric tests:

  • EpiScreen: Determination of alpha-glucosidase
  • Citric Acid test: Measurement of citric acid
  • Fructose test: Quantification of fructose

All our diagnostic kits are CE marked based on the European Directive for IVD's 98/79/EC