pre stained morphology slides


Cell-VU pre-stained sperm morphology slides

Cell-VU® pre-stained slides combine conventional microscope slides and methylene blue and cresyl violet stains into a single, ready to use device. Cell-VU® pre-stained slides are designed for use in rapid staining and morphological assessment of undiluted spermatozoa. Each slide contains a dried layer of stain that allows for immediate visualization of sperm head, acrosome and tail. Undiluted spermatozoa are applied directly to the slide and a coverslip is placed over the sample. Cell-VU® can be used for World Health Organization and Kruger strict morphology assessment. Cell-VU® pre-stained slides can also be used for rapid cell evaluation from whole blood, CSF and urine samples

Leja SpermBlue pre-stained sperm morphology slides

Leja’s SpermBlue pre-stained morphology slides are designed to give rapid morphology slides readable in just 30 seconds! The stain does not shrink or swell the sperm head so analysis is easy and accurate.The SpermBlue stain used for pre-staining has been developed to stain all the components of the sperm (acrosome, head, midpiece and main piece of tail) differentially in different intensities of blue. After applying only 1 micro liter of semen to the pre-stained slide and applying a cover slip, the slide can be heated over an ethanol flame for 3-5 seconds to kill the sperm cells and the analysis can be started.Slides were developed in collaboration with the developers of the SpermBlue stain, Prof. Dr. Gerhard van der Horst and Dr. Liana Maree of University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa and Microptics S.L., Barcelona, Spain, who have adapted their SCA CASA system to work flawlesly with the SpermBlue stain and the Leja SpermBlue pre-stained slides.